Popping Fluffy 1.1 Game for Android Mobile

Do you want to challenge your puzzle ability?Come and play ”Popping Fluffy”! Setting the 3 kinds of boards to make ‘Fluffy’ bound into the goal.It will bring you the maximum of brain storming.

”Popping Fluffy” is a 2D physical puzzle game.The story starts with the little black fur balls who come from the ”Fluffy Star” being sent to earth.From then,they set out their travel around the world to find a way getting back to their own planet.They will meet so many difficulties during their travel,will you help them to get to the goal?

Plenty of stages to experience

We provide 3 chapters,63 stages for our players. You can enjoy the multiple stages and will always be curious about what”s in the next stage.Each chapter have the background image of a country,Won”t it seem to be interesting?
*Various kinds of ”difficulties” for you to get over
In every chapter more obstacles will come out.For example,the clouds,the rain,the electric board,etc. Also advantageous things, like hurricane, bubbles, magic doors,are available to help you find a path through.You will never fed up with this game, because different things come out all the way and you can think out several ways to solve the problem.
*Cute main character
Do the little black fur balls in the CM impress you?Right, it is our main character,named ”Fluffy”.They have so many different facial expressions whenever they run into an obstacle.Sure you”ll have the feeling of sympathy when you see such cute ”Fluffy”,so make a way to survive them,travel with them, take them back to their planet!
*No time limit,just relax
This game doesn”t have a time limit.You have plenty of time to make it. Of course It won”t take you to much time to finish one stage at first. When it”s getting complicated, take your time to figure out a best way!

This is a free version which has 14 stages.If you want to play the full version,please download it from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kiddgames.poppingfluffy

Embark on an adventurous quest around the ancient lands to save Atlantis!

Heed the сall of Atlantis in the first internally-developed game for Android by Playrix!

“A solid game with good gaming mechanics,” – AndroidTapp.com
“A fantastic app for everyone who loves puzzles and adventures,” – AskYourAndroid.com
“A polished gem-matcher that combines match-3 gameplay with a little bit of story and adventure,” – TUAW.com
“The replay value of this game is pretty amazing,” – SmartPhoneApps.com
“Exceptionally polished and professional,” – AppSafari.com

Atlantis is calling out to a true hero to save it from deadly peril! Set out on an exciting new quest in this spectacular mix of Match-3 and Adventure. Embark on a fascinating tile-swapping journey around the ancient lands of Rome, Greece, Troy, Phoenicia, Babylon, Egypt and Carthage to acquire seven mysterious crystals of power. Once collected and put together, they are able to restore the Altar of Poseidon and save the fabled sunken continent.

Fully optimized for the touch screen, the game sets new quality standards for Android puzzle games with fantastic graphics and superb sound effects.

Heed the call and return peace and prosperity to the legendary continent!

– Unique mix of Match-3 and Adventure
– 54 addictive levels with endless replay value
– 7 ancient lands to explore
– Fun facts about fascinating places to learn
– Spectacular cut-scenes furthering the storyline
– Impressive quality of graphics
– Superb visual and sound effects
– Elegant voice-overs
– Heed the call of Atlantis!

Rubik”s Cube of the Millennium is here!

Boost your brain with this challenging puzzle game and be the first to reveal the secrets of Sampo. Sampo is a magical artifact from Kaleva with great power in it. Rumors claim that the Sampo can give you even immortality. Forget by smith Ilmarinen and sealed with over 60 handcrafted locks the Sampo is well protected. Can you unlock all the locks?

Now is your change! Rearrange the movable parts in the lock and guide the beam of light to the amulets. Remember that every lock consist of multiple parts with different properties. Some parts can be moved, but some are welded in their place. Parts can either reflect, split, block or even teleport the beam of light. The lock will unlock when the parts have been rearranged so that all the amulets are active at the same time.


Fantasy Tower Defense from the creators of Toy Soldiers & Dark Alliance

“It”s an addictive, creative game with some lovely aesthetics and challenging levels. If you”re anything like me, it”ll probably steal your soul.” – KOTAKU

“Game of the Month” – iDow.ru

Fast paced fantasy tower defense… from the creators of Toy Soldiers and Baldur”s Gate: Dark Alliance!

Defend your kingdom from invading troll hordes, with addictive quick-to-learn but difficult-to-master gameplay. Towers N” Trolls combines fast-paced arcade action with quick-thinking strategy.

The tower defense genre is updated for 21st Century mobile gaming with nail-biting moments where your fate teeters on a razor”s edge. No sitting and waiting for the enemy, they”re already at your door – it”s up to you to stop them!

Towers N” Trolls features beautifully hand-painted environments and playful, light-hearted monsters from the Age of Fantasy. Play across 8 worlds and 40 unique maps, including the Lonely Forest, Fertile Pastures, Snowy Forest, Underworld, Badlands, and the North.


“Before playing Towers N” Trolls I could see only the visible light spectrum. Now I can see both ultraviolet and infrared! It”s amazing, you should try it!”

“When Cyclops invaded my neighborhood, I knew to build Scout Towers immediately… Thank you Towers N” Trolls for saving my family”s life. The Johnsons next-door only had Catapults, and perished tragically.”

“My son was a real problem in school. Since I bought him Towers N” Trolls, his teachers love him and he”s earned straight A”s!”

“What other reason is there to buy an iPhone other than to play Towers N” Trolls?”

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